How long will my work stop? Can I rework as before? What to do otherwise?

Author of the answer: Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : coiffe

For a sedentary work (office, computer, telephone, relational etc …) the stop can be short (a few days to 15 days the time of the cutaneous cicatrization) but is often brought back to 6 weeks if it is necessary for you to drive for go to work (no alternative).
For a moderately demanding job, allow 3 months to be able to re-serve the limb correctly (especially above the head).
For heavy manual work, recovery is not desirable before 6 months, otherwise tendinitis may not occur. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to resume such work, resulting in incapacity and professional reclassification (within the company or after dismissal). In this case the recognition of a disabled worker status can provide access to retraining courses and in theory allows access to protected positions within companies. For people under the general scheme a medical consultant usually follows convalescence and gives his opinion on the justification or not to continue the daily allowances.