My doctor hesitates between an MRI of my shoulder and an arthro-scanner … Which examination to realize? Is not the MRI more modern, precise?

Author of the answer : Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : Générale

The prescription of such examinations requires a medical consultation so that it is justified in terms of public expenditure …

That being said, these exams are complementary:

– CT arthrography (which includes joint injection of iodine) is still the gold standard for the study of bone, cartilage (osteoarthritis), ligaments (shoulder dislocations) and tendon rupture.
It is easier to obtain but is radiating and invasive …

– MRI mainly gives information on soft tissues, on the presence of inflammation or vascularization (blood flow). Our team prescribes for the assessment of tendinitis, arthritis (joints), muscle lesions, tumors etc … It may also be accompanied by a joint injection to better search tendon ruptures of the cuff including but remains in France a review yet long and difficult to obtain although not irradiating.