I have a sore shoulder and need to consult a specialist, what additional exams to bring in order to save time ??

Author of the answer : Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : Générale

Without knowing what exactly you are suffering from it is generally advisable to come with simple X-rays of the shoulder.

These basic examinations are often ‘forgotten’ by the doctor or more generally are not reported during the consultation by the patient thinking that they have no interest because they are ‘normal’ …

In fact even normal they bring a lot of information for the surgeon in particular the varieties of forms of the bones (acromion and possible presence of calcification of the cap, osteoarthritis in particular).

An ultrasound is a useful descrambling examination in case of pathology of the tendons of the cuff before a consultation but in general any examination must be motivated by a medical reason and therefore by the doctor performing the consultation.

In the context of an osteoarthritis or dislocation assessment, an arthrotcanner is very useful whereas in the case of tendinitis (after ultrasound does not show tendon rupture) MRI will be preferable …