How long and how will I be immobilized after a repair of the cap? When can I drive?

Author of the answer: Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : coiffe

It is necessary to count on 4 weeks of rest (more or less strict) of the operated member. A one-month consultation is planned in order to redo the point with your surgeon and wean the immobilization and start the active physiotherapist.
We use two types of immobilization, one body elbow (‘dujarrier’ or scarf scarf) and an abduction cushion (‘roll’) which does not generally exceed 30 degrees of arm spacing. vertical ratio. This position avoids forcing too much on the tendinous repair but can be uncomfortable especially if badly positioned …
It is considered that the fragility of tendons repaired lasts 6 weeks, it is therefore not possible (and recommended) to drive before this period of 6 weeks (ie 2 weeks after the beginning of the active physiotherapist) also for reasons of road safety and in case of simple operative follow-up.