Can I be guaranteed the result by repairing the tendon?

Author of the answer:Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : coiffe

Refixing the tendon is not always possible despite additional examinations (MRI, arthroscanner) performed before the operation in case of very retracted rupture or very damaged tendons …
In addition we repair fragile tendons (‘used’ !!, new spare parts do not exist !!!).
However, in case of good fixation to the tendon bone, definitive cicatrization of the tendon depends on many additional factors:
Factors that are detrimental to healing:
-Tabagism ++++ (it’s now proven, smoking is like shooting yourself in the foot when you want to walk !!)
– Diabetes and other co-morbidities
– wear and delamination of the tendons
– practice of very demanding activities in the shoulders in force
To conclude your surgeon will certainly tell you how he sees technically tendon fixation for the rest a lot of factors come into play …