After a fall, my ultrasound concludes to a rupture of the cap, is this serious?

Author of the answer: Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : coiffe

This is indeed a frequent reason for consultation !!
Firstly any traumatized shoulder has the right to be painful without necessarily that the damage is serious …
The assessment of a traumatized shoulder should include at least standard radiographs and an ultrasound of the rotator cuff.
It is often in the light of these results that anxiety grows because it also affects your doctor !!
Several details:
– A procedure of repair of the cap is never put on the conclusions only of an ultrasound, a more advanced examination (arthroscanner the most precise or well arthro-MRI or even MRI) must first confirm this rupture, to define its size , its recent character and the absence of a contraindication to a repair (particularly fatty degeneration)
– in general is diagnosed an old ‘degenerative’ rupture of the tendon (= wear), that the accident made it possible to discover or could aggravate … The patience, the rest (without durable immobilization !!) and the reeducation are Desirable and can distinguish the shoulders that can recover as before those that remain disabling or painful.
-The true traumatic rupture of the cuff in the young and active subject are genuine indications of operation of relative urgency because the shoulder adapts less to the rupture which retracts sometimes fast and the possibilities of perfect repair of the tendons decreases more quickly with time…