What is a surpassing fee, what is sector 2?

Author of the response: Dr. Régis Guinand    Catégorie : Générale

The tariffs of sector 2 doctors with free fees include a part not reimbursed by the social security and therefore at the expense of the patient. This portion can be reimbursed by your mutual or complementary body.
The amount of the excess fee is decided by the doctor legally.

The authorization comes from the political power in the 80s because he did not want to increase the tariffs of the medical acts.
Some doctors have chosen to practice in sector 2 after spending 2 years to improve (former hospital assistant and / or head of clinic hospitals).
The overrun is a supplement to allow the doctors concerned to have rates in line with the reality of what the prices would be today or to be related to the added value of their experience or their medical or surgical expertise .
Ethics requires that they be practiced with ‘tact and measure’ (a vague notion whose limit has recently been specified at 150% of the safe rate of operative acts).