I suffer from an inflammation of the tendons of the headdress especially at night despite the strengthening of the step-downs advocated by my physiotherapist, is this normal and adapted?

Author of the answer : Sébastien TraversCatégorie : Générale

I am not precise about the exams that you have passed but if your problem is related to a conflict under acromial, you must actually try to lower the humeral head.

Rehabilitation has evolved a lot in recent years and we think that the way to go is not to strengthen the so-called depressing muscles (which are the pectoralis major, the dorsal and the big round) which are already strong naturally and have a
Offset action of the shoulder, but rather to manually refocus your shoulder at first while stabilizing and balancing your shoulder blade which will cause a decrease in your pain related to inflammation.

In a second time, a reinforcement will be necessary but of short muscles which have an action on the diminution of your conflict (infra spinous and small round) and which tend rather to be weak.
I hope to have answered your question. Do not hesitate to contact me by email if you want more information.