I suffer from a dysgraphic dystrophy following my acromioplasty procedure. This worries me because the more I have been off work for more than 6 months while I had been predicting rapid and benign consequences. How is this possible and what are the possible treatments?

Author of the answer : Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : Générale

Hello Madam, the consequences of a shoulder surgery (members in general), as ‘light’ as it (isolated acromioplasty), can be unfortunately complex and prolonged type of RSD.

The origin is reactive and multifactorial (duration of evolution of pain, notion of chronic pain well printed in the nervous system, female sex, ground of anxiety …).
Your case is not isolated (10 to 20% of operated patients).
This frequency and the potential socio-professional consequences deserve that this risk be addressed during the pre-surgical consultation.

You will find a link to an information sheet concerning the painkillers and its possible treatments, including specific ones offered by pain doctors.
Good luck and do not lose hope!