I consult a surgeon because I have a tendon of the headdress torn (broken). Will I have to have surgery?

Author of the answer: Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : coiffe

All the ruptures of the cap are not operated! It should be noted that a cuff rupture (particularly supraspinous) is common from 50 years old but often asymptomatic.
In most cases it is more of a progressive wear of the tendon (and not a rupture), this wear is not painful but it promotes the accumulation of inflammation in the shoulder (the humeral head comes into conflict with the acromion).

This inflammation (therefore pain) can decrease or disappear with rest, physio or infiltration of cortisone. Efforts should be made to determine the factors aggravating inflammation (hard manual work, manual heavy work like DIY-gardening, sports etc.).
Surgery (in these initially well-tolerated cases of wear) is only a last resort.

On the other hand, a traumatic rupture of the rotator cuff in a young and active patient is an indication of rapid repair.
Making the difference between decompensated wear and a recent break is difficult and requires experience …