Can I guarantee the result by stabilizing my shoulder? Is there a risk of new dislocation after?

Author of the answer: Dr Régis GuinandCatégorie : instabilité

No surgical technique can guarantee a success rate of 100%.
From this observation it is necessary to choose, depending on the case, the one that comes closest to it. In general, the success rate is in the 85 to 95% range of success in the two years following the operation.

However, it is necessary to differentiate the failure (no stabilization or recurrence for an effort qualified as benign) and a new dislocation due to a violent accident. Indeed an intervention does not allow a shoulder to be more stable than before !!!

Sometimes rebalancing and muscle stabilization are imperfect or even … nonexistent, largely explaining the feeling of instability felt and the fragility of the shoulder at a distance from the intervention. Hence the importance of proper follow-up and postoperative management !!