Operative suites

Hospitalization of 24 to 48 hours except complications or other associated pathology.

Rest of the arm in a Dujarrier (scarf against scarf) during 4 weeks (according to the surgeon’s opinion)

Immediate physiotherapy in general passive and active assisted protected the first month with some areas of unauthorized mobility (avoid too much traction on the ligaments and capsule repaired, mobilization of the elbow.

first consultation to 4 or 6 weeks, allowing the weaning of the immobilization and beginning of the kiné active.

Muscle reinforcement started between 2nd and 3rd month

Systematic consultations 3rd month, 6th month and one year.


From 3 to 6 months, the mobility of the shoulder can progress during the year following the intervention.

Thanks to the intervention one can expect a better functional result and an indolence but a ‘normal’ shoulder can not be guaranteed.

Work stopping

manual: between 3 and 6 months (except complication)

sedentary: from a few days to 6 weeks (if necessary) most often (except complication)


driving car / motorcycle 4 to 6 weeks

dress without difficulties 2 months, cleaning and carrying loads 3 months

Unsolicited sports: 3 months

(jogging and bike possible before)

Sports soliciting or contact: 6 months (or 5)


Long and difficult suites:

retractile capsulitis or algodystrophy -> convalescence extension from 12 to 18 months (or more …) Bipolar locking> stop

Recurrence of instability (stabilization failure or new severe accident !!) between 5 and 10% the first year.

Migration of implants (anchors, screws)

Painful persistence (persistence of apprehension) or sensation of subluxations can be improved by reinforcement of the stabilizing muscles of the glenohumeral

Post-traumatic osteoarthritis (in our opinion stop> bipolar lock) not insignificant that may eventually lead to specific care that can go up to the shoulder prosthesis …