We are the first team in Midi-Pyrenees to perform a shoulder arthroscopic shoulder.

The other name of the stop under arthroscopy is the ‘Arthroscopic Latarjet’.
This technique makes it possible to perform the same intervention as in the open, but its major interest is to allow the repair of lesions associated with arthroscopy (rotator cuff rupture, SLAP lesions, locking of the Hill Sachs notch etc …).

We are no longer working with first-line open-end abutments, and we expect (as will rotator cuff repair in the meantime) that this technique will be widely used in the future.


Below, watch the animation of Dr. Laurent Lafosse of the General Clinic of Annecy, genius inventor of this surgical technique.

This intervention was the subject of a symposium at the congress of the SFA (French Society of Arthroscopy) in 2015, the results were studied and confirm this technical evolution.

In our opinion, just like the repair of the rotator cuff in its time, it is a revolution in our surgical practice (arthroscopic approach allowing the realization of complementary gestures)