I have been suffering from the shoulder for a long time, my doctor tells me about ‘osteoarthritis’ is this serious?

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The term osteoarthritis is commonly used for joint pain, often wrongly on the shoulder !!

Osteoarthritis is the permanent disappearance of the cartilage covering the bones in a joint (their role is to facilitate movement).


The treatment is primarily medical with analgesics, anti-inflammatories, infiltrations or even visco-supplementation …


Osteoarthritis of the shoulder can affect 2 different joints:

– The glenohumeral joint between the humerus (bone of the arm) and the glenoid of the scapula (scapula) called ‘Omarthrosis’ is the true osteoarthritis of the shoulder.
This one can lead to a shoulder prosthesis …

– The acromioclavicular joint between the clavicle and the acromion (upper end of the scapula (scapula), much more common can lead to a simple surgical procedure and benign compared to a prosthesis …

I am offered a shoulder prosthesis, is it technically correct?

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The prostheses of shoulder come in third rank in term of prostheses put in France (and in the world), far behind the prostheses of hip and knee (one does not walk on the hands !!).

The so-called anatomical prostheses have a decline of several decades with good results for 10 to 15 years without problem …

The so-called inverted prostheses, the only total prostheses to be operated in case of associated disruption or decided for very elderly patients, have also now a satisfactory decline and are reliable, although they are still experiencing changes currently …

That said, they do not derogate from the rule of implant wear and it is necessary to think about the surgical revisions in the young patient as well as the bone capital especially on the scapula (scapula) which represents the main difficulty in case of recovery. .