My surgeon who planned to operate on the rotator cuff also planned to cut the biceps tendon, is this normal or usual?

Author of the response: Dr. Régis GuinandCatégorie : Long Biceps

During an operation to repair the tendons of the rotator cuff, it is performed routinely (even systematically) gestures to analgesic including cutting the tendon biceps …

This gesture is called ‘tenotomy’ (tomy as section or section) and reproduced in fact the relief observed in patients who presents a spontaneous rupture of this tendon (non serious incident rather frequent finally).

It is then possible to fix lower this tendon on the humerus (one speaks then of tenodesis, dese as fixation).

I was operated on the shoulder 1 month ago and there appeared a ball to my arm … Do I have to re-operate?

Author of the response: Dr. Régis Guinand    Catégorie : Long Biceps

Your biceps tendon was most certainly cut (tenotomy) during the operation of your shoulder and the retraction of this tendon eventually resulted in a retraction of the muscular body on itself called Popeye muscle …

This is a voluntary act on the part of your surgeon, never accidental!

Be reassured nothing has ‘dropped’ if the tendon has been cut and not fixed the humerus (tenodesis) but contact your surgeon to confirm it and reassures you in turn …

However the aesthetic aspect may persist and it is unfortunately not assessable in advance, this risk must be explained before the operation it avoids ‘bad surprises’ …

10 days ago, I felt a sharp pain in my arm, a hematoma and especially a ball appeared … Is this serious?

Author of the response: Dr. Régis Guinand   Catégorie : Long Biceps

You have probably experienced a spontaneous break in the long biceps.

Although can be very impressive and painful initially, the evolution is in general very good with decrease of the pains and impotence in a few weeks …

There may be muscle cramps or pain for longer but they usually go over time

Apart from athletes or manual workers whose loss of strength (moderate this said) can be embarrassing in general we keep no sequel if it is … aesthetic with the muscle ball (muscle of Popeye).