Before the prosthesis

The medical treatment of osteoarthritis includes joint rest during painful phases with icing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, physiotherapy by physiotherapy or other therapy for relief. Apart from the painful phases, some joint economy must be considered in order not to contribute to the acceleration of the evolution of the disease.

Subsequently joint infiltrations can be performed to often relieve the pain effectively but sometimes fleeting.

Joint viscosupplementation may also be offered (but not reimbursed by social security) in the form of joint injections of hyaluronic acid or its derivatives, a molecule that has a positive action against the development of osteoarthritis. This molecule is present in all joints with a pro-cartilage action, but its concentration in an osteoarthritic joint becomes very weak in favor of other anti-cartilage molecules (a kind of vicious circle).

If despite all this there is no relief or the situation deteriorates, it becomes reasonable to consult a surgeon to:

  • first to confirm if the symptoms are related to osteoarthritis of the shoulder
  • second, to evaluate the indication of a shoulder prosthesis, to know the principle, the benefit and the risks.